All things ‘Greta’.

Research and video by @RefTruth – 51 mins
#ClimateChangeHoax #Freemasonary #Symbolism #Soros #Rothschilds
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CC= Climate Change = 33 – FREEMASONARY
FFF= Fridays For Future = 666
A relative of Greta’s father, Svante Arrhenius was the founder of the Global Warming scam. He was also a board member for the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene and a EUGENICIST!!!

‘Thunberg’ is a known Freemason family.

Notice the kneeling above – Greta also hailed BLM (below).


Zero Carbon = Agenda 2030

Therefore the Climate Change agenda is about DEPOPULATION!!!

Research the Zero Carbon Agenda…

How many German connections does Greta have?…

She is very likely to have been in the MK Ultra program from very young…

Greta is of course a puppet of the Deepstate.. and used to further their agendas..hailing their funded movements Extinction Rebellion, BLM etc and liasing with high level Deepstate players…

The world is waking up to the Deepstate man made ‘Climate Change’ scam….

@RefTruth ‘Shining a Light on Corruption‘.

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